The Window Sill Syndrome


Some people have their best ideas in the shower or while sitting on the… (well…you know where)… I happen to have my best ideas at the window sill so that’s why the name.

So, the picture that you see is the view from my window sill…the place where I stand and stare at this dilapidating, scary, abandoned hospital which is rumoured to be haunted…Even if you want to look at the sky you can’t help but notice this gigantic structure which seems very interesting to me.

No, I don’t mean to say I am brave enough to stare at the building at 3 in the night…all I am saying is… it is beautifully scary…pardon my grammar… my editor friends are too busy writing their own blog so I guess you’ll have to ignore the mistakes and weird terms that I keep coining!

Jokes apart, I hope you find my posts interesting… please show some love… coz me and hospi(s)cary would really appreciate it (Yes, I just made up a name for the scary hospital) I think I should stop now 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Until next time



3 thoughts on “The Window Sill Syndrome

  1. Hi Sonam! That’s an interesting name for a blog alright 🙂 And I see so many women who do find something by the window sills with a cup of tea or coffee or even by just standing in the balconies. I too find myself sitting at my balcony that overlooks the national highway & hills. The reason behind saying all thia is that I can relate to you.

    Coming to the blog post, that’s an interesting haunting feeling for sure! 😛 I certainly would have to think twice now if at all I were to share your room on one rainy night… You know why? Because my sleep is invariably broken at 3:00 am & it is giving me goose bumps to imagine the abandoned hospital ar that hour of the night from your window! I hope hospicary turns out to be friendly entity 😦

    Welcome to the blogging world & hope to read many more posts soon!

    Blissful vibes,
    Torque Earnest

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